Daniel J. Rybicki, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

WA  PY00003195 
Diplomate in Forensic Psychology 

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Consultation Services

Dr. Rybicki is available to assist you and your client with several forms of consultation. This may include offering assistance with preparing your client for deposition or trial, reviewing materials for submission to other evaluators or to the Court, and providing a careful analysis of documents and materials in the case. Dr. Rybicki can work closely with you to consider trial strategy and possible areas of strength and weakness in your case. On the basis of this assistance, you may find ways to optimize your case presentation and enlist the help of other experts. 

The review of documents and other materials may lead to a critique and analysis of work done by other professionals, such as offering criticism and feedback concerning errors and omissions in logic or failure to adhere to professional standards in evaluation. In some cases, this will lead to useful material for cross-examination or deposition of the opposing experts. There are times when you may wish to call Dr. Rybicki as an expert witness to help inform the court of these critical failings in the case as presented by opposing counsel. 

Dr. Rybicki can also help prepare rebuttal witness testimony, presenting important information from the research and clinical literature, and in some cases, offering additional data that has been overlooked by the opposing expert. Dr. Rybicki can assist in jury selection and trial strategy, and offer useful and piercing questions for depositions and cross-examination of opposing counsel witnesses.

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